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  • Unequal Education: The Origins of Elite Power in Contemporary Africa [Introduction]

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  • Morales Arilla, José, Joan Ricart-Huguet, and Leonard Wantchekon. 2022. Economic Development in Historical Political Economy. Forthcoming in Jeffery A. Jenkins and Jared Rubin (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Historical Political Economy, Oxford University Press.

  • Ricart-Huguet, Joan. 2022. "Education and Elite Politics: Lessons from History" Forthcoming in the Newsletter of the APSA Education Politics and Policy Section, 2(2). [Invited contribution.]

  • Ricart-Huguet, Joan. 2019. "The Historical Turn in the Comparative Study of Political Elites" In Eugene Finkel, Adria Lawrence, and Andrew Mertha, eds. CP: Newsletter of the APSA Comparative Politics Section: 29(2). [Invited contribution.] [PDF]

  • Ricart-Huguet, Joan. 2019. Democracy and development in Africa since the 1960s In: Ewout Frankema, Ellen Hillbom and Felix Meier zu Selhausen (eds.), The History of African Development, African Economic History Network (AEHN). [Invited chapter.] [PDF]

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